David Correa and Cascada – Eterna Primavera

The intriguing instrumental blend of David Correa and Cascada is a delightful adventure to a market, beach, or even ravine south of the border. One doesn’t need to speak Spanish to understand the musical expressions of the mercado, bahia, or barranca….or to imagine yourself in a sports car, sipping Lemon water, and dodging scorpions in the roadway.

Based in Concord, Ca. (near San Francisco), guitarist David Correa associates himself with other eclectic adventurists who are able to show their melodic and rhythmic mettle on Correa’s fifth album, “Eterna Primavera.” While some of his previous albums have also included marimba, violin or vocals, this album’s sparer setting provides uplifting accessibility. Cascada includes Lee Howard (bass), Tim Bolling (percussion), and Alfredo Caceres (guitar on four cuts).

Standout tracks include those where Correa and Caceres are picking great guitar lines of melody and harmony together on tunes like “Dia del Mercado,” “Aqua de Limon,” and “Murcielago.” I’m not certain if the latter (the album’s opening cut) was named for the Lamborghini model that means “bat” or its literal translation (bird that sings in the night). Like bats, the band members probably fly freely from dusk until dawn. And like the sports car, this band’s artful approach expresses dynamism, elegance and power. While their musical styling is somewhat derivative, we hear well-arranged aerodynamics, melodies that breathe, and tunes that drive well after dark. For some high performance guitar-centric Latin and Flamenco expressions, pick up this album and catch this band on one of their West Coast or Southwest tours. (Joe Ross, CD Insight)
David Correa and Cascada

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