Steve Katz releases EP entitled ‘Barricades’

Steve Katz

Steve Katz is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He performs regularly at venues throughout the city. Raised in Belgium, Katz has played guitar since he was 14 years old. “I knew from the very first chord I learned that making music was my calling,” says Katz.

While growing up in Brussels, Katz was a music junkie and spent countless hours listening to Pink Floyd, Santana, the Eagles and Supertramp (his mother’s favorite band), an influence for which Katz remains eternally grateful to her. Music stores became his second home, and Katz set out on an endless journey of discovering new artists from all genres — a journey that has guided and shaped his own development as a musician today.

Katz has also drawn inspiration for his diverse style of music through his extensive world travels (He has an ongoing love affair with India.) Beautiful and rich melodies along with his own distinctive style of guitar work complement Katz’s soulful voice. A hint of Irish and Spanish influence is evident in much of his work, and Katz’s style can be likened to Cat Stevens, Jose Gonzalez, Damien Rice, David Grey and James Blunt.

Experimenting and creating new melodies are at the heart of Katz’s passion for songwriting. Hope, love and existential questions are common themes in his songs. Katz works with various lyricists (Jonathan Klein, Jeannie Reed, Jane Jacobs, Harry Sauer), but the title cut on his new EP Barricades illustrates his own craftsmanship with both music and lyrics.

About the new EP, Katz states, “Barricades can scare, challenge and stop us from achieving goals. They are everywhere and often invisible. I’ve gone through many barricades in my time — physical and emotional ones that stood between me and my goals. Had I failed to go through any of them, this CD would never have been made.”

Tracks on Katz’s Barricades EP include:
1. Thrive 3:18
2. Today I Saw Hope 5:12
3. Barricades 3:36
4. Fair 4:22
5. A Modern Tale 4:43

Some YouTube video links are also available and indicated for two of the tracks above.

A video for another Katz single, “Where Do I Belong?” is linked here. Composed with lyricist Jeannie Reed, “Where Do I Belong?” confronts the inevitable time in one’s life when we get to a certain age and leave what we have to go out into the world and become “somebody.” And we fail, waking up one day not knowing where we belong. “Where Do I Belong?” is a folk rock song that pulls at the heartstrings.

On the new Barricades EP, Katz provides poignant vocals and plays acoustic guitar. His masterful accompanists include Jonathan Klein, Ken Eichler and Erez Lev Ari (guitars), Jonathan Klein (bass), Cat (Joe) Simba (drums), Keren Tayar (backing vocals), Arthur Eli’ (bass, piano), Ran Shimoni (drums).

CDBaby Reviewer Frank Gutch, Jr. calls Barricades a “hell of an EP!” with “outstanding production, stellar songwriting and first-class performance …”

Steve Katz Barricades

I sense that Steve Katz is on the verge of commercial breakthrough with his music. His perseverance and dedication to presenting songs with spiritual and emotional meaning should lead to many listeners’ fulfillment. I wish that he would’ve produced a full-length album rather than just an EP because his five songs left me wanting to hear more. However, this sampling is a great way for Katz to further engage and build a large, attentive audience. His material is undeniably catchy, a tad eccentric, and very ready for widespread public consumption.

Media and booking inquiries should be directed to Steve Katz at
or Tel. 646-431-6345.