Tussle’s new album, ‘Tempest,’ out September 25

Formed in 2001, Tussle is a four-piece band from San Francisco. A New York Times show review had this to say about Tussle: “In a loud, dense set, they sifted through heavy-rhythm music with roots in the 1970s and early ’80s. Locking together and pulling apart, they variously clamped right on top of the beat, got way behind it or positioned themselves in the middle, with high-hat patterns pumping.”

Tussle will be releasing Tempest, their fourth album and first since 2008′s Cream Cuts, on September 25 via Smalltown Supersound.

Tempest was produced by Optimo’s JD Twitch and recorded with him last year in Glasgow. The new album relies less on studio-craft than previous Tussle records and alternatively uses the studio more as a frame of mind for fleshing out ideas into a living, breathing form.

Additionally, Tussle worked with Liquid Liquid members Dennis Young and Sal Principato on the album. The result presents a more concise and considered Tussle — the experimental interludes and drum solos of past releases are absent, and instead, Tempest charges forward with a deeper, more structured sprawl.

Tussle has previously shared album track “Eye Context” and now they give further insight into the inspiration behind Tempest with a remix of “Yume No Mori” by Einstürzende Neubaten’s Alexander Hacke. It premiered August 12 on Self-titled. Listen to both below and feel free to post!

Listen to/download/share Tussle’s “Yume No Mori (Alexander Hacke Remix)

Listen to/share Tussle’s “Eye Context.”

Tussle Tempest

Performer Magazine once stated, “The foursome succeeds in bridging the gap of dance-oriented connotations, welcoming a slew of world music genres into the mix and cleverly melding them together into its own brand of smart, mind-altering pop.”

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