The S.O.G Crew Presents: Let’s Change The World Tour 2013

EMG/Universal Music Group Artist The S.O.G Crew will be on their ‘Let’s Change The World’ Tour starting on March 8th and ending in Northern California May 5th. Promoting their unreleased single ‘Let’s Change the World’, this title rings true for this fervent and multi-talented group. The pinnacle of the tour will be The S.O.G Crew’s stop in Washington D. C with the Capitol Homesteading For Every Citizen event on April 26th. There they will march from the Lincoln Memorial to the Federal Reserve where The S.O.G Crew will headline a major citywide concert. It is here where Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas will formerly announce his running for Lieutenant Governor of California in 2014.

Let’s Change the World is also a feature length documentary film chronicling the rise of The S.O.G Crew.  The film is an inspirational story about a group that spawned from the slums to walking red carpets and speaking at renowned political gatherings.  They utilize their exposure by doing outreach across the country and the world to spread positivity and equality. ‘Let’s Change the World’ is not a phrase they take lightly, nor is it some catchy slogan that is soon forgotten. On the contrary, The S.O.G Crew actually plans on changing the world.

Dr. Robert ‘Battle Ax’ Ornelas, family man, community activist and vice presidential candidate for the AIP (American Independent Party) election year 2012 is teaming up with Republican Robert Newman. The first ‘change’ is Robert Newman will be running for Governor of California and Dr. Ornelas will run for Lieutenant Governor and in the process they will break modes by doing this together as a team. This has never been done before. They have a very different outlook on what is exceptable for the people because they are the people. They have an extremely different and revolutionary plan. They are both men of morals and understanding. It will be a breath of fresh air once these men are able to cater to Californians and make real changes that have long been awaited. Newman / Ornelas for Governor!


March 8 – San Jose, CA – Freedom Worship Center
March 9 – Castroville, CA – Debbie Martin’s Birthday Party
March 10 – Sacramento, CA – Victory Outreach North Sacramento/ Pastor Bert & Vivian Magana
March 15 – Oahu, HI – Hawaii Baptist Academy
March 18 – Big Island, HI – Camp Lokahi
March 19 – Big Island, HI -Camp Lokahi
March 20 – Hana Maui, HI – Touch of the Master
March 29 -California – Oasis of Hollywood
March 30 – California – LA Skid Row
April 2 – California – La Quinta High School
April 5 – Arizona – Parker, AZ
April 6 – Arizona – Somerton United Methodist
April 7 – California – Touch of the Master
April 11 Oregon – Klamath Tribes
April 12 Oregon – Klamath Tribes
April 13 Montana – Crow Nation
April 14 Montana – Crow Nation
April 15 Montana – Crow Nation
April 16 Montana – Assembly of God Busby
April 17 Colorado – Church of the Most High
April 18 Colorado – Second Chance through Faith Ministry
April 20 Indiana – Hip Hop Christian Connection Indianapolis
April 21 Ohio – True Swagg Radio
April 24 Russell, PA -  Praise Fellowship
April 25 Bridgeport, CT – Iglesia Cristiana Renacer
April 26 Washington DC – Rally in Washington DC
April 27 Florida – Jacksonville
April 29 Florida – Orange Youth Academy
May 3 New Mexico – Navajo Nation
May 4 New Mexico – Navajo Nation
May 5 California – Fresno